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About the company

Engineering company «New technologies of Road Facility Management» (NTDH). It is a management company that unites several leading enterprises, whose activity is directly connected with road domain . The company structure includes the most perspective enterprises, regional branches and affiliated firms. Thus, engineering company «New technologies of road facility management» has united experience, professionalism and skill of those enterprises, operating them as a uniform organism.

The companies entering into structure «NTDH» are successfully engaged in construction and reconstruction of highways, their operation and overall development . These are three whales which professional work of the companies within the structure «NTDH» is built upon.

«NTDH» is steadily raising skill of employees and quality of engineering workings, conducting such enterprises as LLC «DORSNAB», LLC «Dorogi Chernozemja», and as their branches in various regions of the Russian Federation.

The purpose and intent of these companies is constant improvement of condition of roads in the country and the neighboring states. Powers of the road-operational enterprises and road-operational managements are occupied in qualitative repair, professional construction of public highways , and their day-to-day service.

There are about 11 thousand kilometers of federal and regional highways under the maintenance «NTDH» nowadays. That includes highway М-4 «Don» almost entirely, 9,5 thousand kilometers of territorial roads of the Voronezh region in full, two thousand in the Volgograd region, sections of federal lines in the Oryol, Pskov and Leningrad areas, entrance areas to Stavropol and Cherkessk and other objects.

Each of the management companies is responsible for its own section of the line, and despite the burden of today’s leasing schemes, their fitting with technical equipment is close to 95 per cent. Over 150 complex road machines were purchased along with robotized mower for working on abrupt high slopes.

New machines and new polymer compound for pit-repair, the equipment and transport for manufacturing and transportation of a cast mix during winter time are being tested and applied.